How did we get here?

So, what inspires an otherwise “good girl” to go public with her sex life? In my case, it’s a wickedly good combination of very good friends who are very bad influences (sorry GTiL, but you know it’s true!), having my heart broken, and a series of stories too good to keep to myself. And the truth is, I am a closet drama queen who just loves to kiss and tell. I mean, we’re amongst friends here, right?

I turned 30 last year with a measly two notches on my belt… that’s right, I had only had two lovers in my life up to that point. I didn’t even lose my virginity until I was 22. I wasn’t waiting until marriage or anything–I’m an Atheist and I’ve never planned on getting married or having children (although I won’t totally rule out the possibility). I can’t even really explain now why I was such a late and slow sexual bloomer. Perhaps it’s that I was raised the responsible oldest child in a family where sex was never discussed. Perhaps an over-developed “good girl” complex. Perhaps some losses in my teen years that prevented me from seeking emotional attachments out of a fear of heartbreak. It doesn’t really matter.

In the course of this blog, I will explore some of those past relationships, you will meet my men, and hear about my ongoing and past adventures and misadventures. I can’t speak for our other contributors, but my posts will be almost all true (except where it suits me to lie), and all names have been changed to protect the innocent, the not-so-innocent, and the guilty-as-fuckin’-sin.

So…  call me a good girl gone wild, call it a mid-life crisis, but if you call me after 10 pm… I’ll have to call you back, because chances are I’m calling out some guy’s name and hoping like hell it’s the right one.

~ Sex Kitten with Claws