I went to France for the weekend

I was “set up” with a French man by a friend. I was pretty skeptical at first but decided to give it a whirl. She said he was a really great guy and she was right! He has the tall, dark and handsome thing going for him and I swear I could kiss him for hours – and I did.

He’s incredibly athletic – he runs, plays tennis, mountain bikes and swims. All great qualities for being really great in bed. He has the natural body of a tri-athlete without even trying. Did I mention he’s a great kisser?

I’ve never had anyone touch me the way he does, it turns me on in ways I can’t even describe. He will run his fingertips all over my body in ways that make me want scream with pleasure. He can bring every sense in my body to attention in seconds. And everything sounds so much sweeter when he says it in French. At first I thought he didn’t really know his way around the playing field of a woman’s body but he’s learned a lot about me and what I like over the past year. And did I mention he’s a great kisser?

He’s been my guiltless pleasure for the past two years. He’s super fun to travel with and has the same sarcastic sense of humor that I have. The way he looks at me from across the table at dinner makes my heart melt. I think we both have very strong feelings for each other, and in some shape or form really do love each other, but we will never admit it. I wish he would stay and get his Green Card because he’s a great kisser.

He’s made it clear that he doesn’t like hearing about me being with other men, but yet we both know making a commitment to each other is unlikely. We did make a promise to each other that we will continue having fun together until something changes – Which is my kind of compromise! One of our favorite places to go is the beach. I’ve put it on my love bucket list to have sex with him at some point while on a beach. I’d love it just for the memory.

And he’s a fabulous kisser.

~ GTiL