Visiting other countries without leaving my bedroom

I don’t consciously try to meet only foreign men, I just happen to be really attracted to them and they seem to be attracted to me as well. I am starting to think that I am very exotic to them because they are instantly all about my red hair, blue eyes, fair skin and freckles. I’ve had complete strangers touch me as if I’m some sort of figment of their imagination.

There’s something about having sex with a man and having him say things to me in something other than English. What’s that pun about love not having a language? It’s true!

The ratio of foreign men that know how to please a woman sure is higher than American men. It’s really not motivating when a 42 year old Redneck fumbles and blunders but the 28 year old Latino can make me scream with the touch of one finger. Surely age should equate to more experience?


Amor est vitae essentia.