Funny texts with strangers

Me: There’s 4 of us in this small house – it’s a zoo!
Him: Who are the 4?
Me: Dog, 2 cats and me – all girls!
Him: Sounds like u ladies may need a man around!
Me: Someone to keep us in line would be nice.
Him: That may be a hell of a task!
Me: 3 of the 4 are redheads. You’d have your work cut out for you.
Him: Wow. I like a challenge.
Me: I can be challenging but I guarantee it will be fun.
Him: It will be! Guaranteed!
Me: Is there fine print involved?
Him: No, just your standard 10-page dating agreement.
Me: Fabulous. Did I mention I’m really good at breaking rules and getting away with it?
Him: Well, under my agreement that behaviour is rewarded. I’m sure those sexy eyes have a lot to do with you getting away with stuff.
Me: Sounds like my kind of agreement. It’s usually my smile that breaks the rule.
Him: I better have my guard up. Who knows what I might be talked into doing.
Me: Nothing that you haven’t already talked yourself into. 🙂
Him: Good point.

He seems to have a good sense of humor for someone I’ve never met!