Yet another completely confusing date

Even after my own inner voice said not to, I agreed to another date with PB&H. Part of me is just so damn curious about the guy I just can’t stay away … it’s a bit like staring at a car wreck. There are so many things about this man that indicate he is gay, and yet he tells me he dreams about having sex with me?

We get along great and we never lack conversation. Our viewpoints on things are almost always equal and he’s incredibly fun to spend time with. But this is what stumps me … there’s not a drop of physical interaction. He stands close to me in public and actually did take my arm once when walking into a restaurant for lunch but that’s about it. A basic hug hello and goodbye, and just a short peck on my lips and he walked out the door. I’m dying to know if there is more to this Latin Lover and he’s just holding back. The curiosity is killing me.

I’m so bad at taking the bull by the horns and pursuing someone but maybe I should just for giggles. At this point I really wish I was able to banter with him, joke around and do a whole lot more flirting. It’s pretty damn stale. No wet panties from this one.

I think I need a good exit strategy and a business plan for the next Romeo.



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