You know you’re single if…

… calling him by the wrong name is a legitimate concern. (Can’t go wrong with “baby”)

… you’ve ever found The Missing Condom from last week’s boy while in bed with this week’s boy and surreptitiously hid it in the pillowcase so you don’t have to answer uncomfortable questions. (Oh, don’t be a weeny. It was unwrapped but unused.)

… his brother nearly walks in on the two of you on the floor of his living room and later wants to know how one of your socks got to be on the shelf with the wineglasses in the kitchen. (I actually have no idea either.)

… on the second date, he tells you that he understands that you’re going through a “whoring phase” and you can’t really argue with that. (Secretly pleased that he cottoned on so quickly.)

… the man who wakes up in your bed on Wednesday morning is not the man who kissed you good-bye on Tuesday morning, and Wednesday’s man has to be reminded of how Tuesday night’s date went. (Dinner was delicious. No, we did not have sex. Yes, you drank too much and passed out on my couch.)

OK, best 3 out of 5. Can you add your own to the list?

~ Sex Kitten (with claws)


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