High Fidelity

I just finished reading High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, which is the most fun and wise novel about being single that I’ve read in a long time. Here are a few excerpts, but I definitely recommend that you check it out for yourself:

Sometimes it seems as though the only way a man can judge his own niceness, his own decency, is by looking at his relationships with women–or rather, with prospective or current sexual partners. It’s easy enough to be nice to your mates. You can buy them a drink, make them a tape, ring them up to see if they’re OK… there are any number of quick and painless methods of turning yourself into a Good Bloke. When it comes to girlfriends, though, it’s much trickier to be consistently honorable. One moment you’re ticking along, cleaning the toilet bowl, and expressing your feelings and doing all the other things that a modern chap is supposed to do; the next you’re manipulating and sulking and double-dealing and fibbing with the best of them. I can’t work it out.

Every time I think I have got to the bottom, I find a new way to sink even lower, but I know that this is the worst, and that whatever happens to me from now on, however poor or stupid or single I get, these few minutes will remain with me as a shining cautionary beacon. “Is it better than lying face-down in a flower bed after Laura’s dad’s funeral?” I shall ask myself when the bailiffs come into the shop, or when the next Laura runs off with the next Ray, and the answer will always, always be “Yes.”

Women’s knickers were a terrible disappointment to me when I embarked upon my cohabiting career. I never really recovered from the shock of discovering that women do what we do: they save their best pairs fro the nights when they know they are going to sleep with somebody. When you live with a woman, these faded, shrunken tatty scraps suddnly appear on radiators all over the house; your lascivious schoolboy dreams of adulthood as a time when you are surrounded by exotic lingerie for ever and ever amen… those dreams crumble to dust.

Happy Reading!

~ Sex Kitten (with claws)


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