You Are a Waste of Good Hair

The Geocacher of Best Date I Never Had fame is batting 1 for 3. After inviting me to go geocaching Sunday and then texting me Sunday night to say he never called because he was feeling sick Sunday morning (what, you had Can’t Pick Up The Phone-itis?!), he apologized profusely and set a dinner date for Wednesday night. We went out for sushi and had a good time… he is gregarious, worldly, funny, opinionated, and is a great story teller. He talked pretty much non-stop for the first ten minutes before pausing to take a breath to say, “Wow, you’re gorgeous. I mean, really gorgeous!” By the time I’d opened my mouth to say thank you, he was off and talking again. I chalked it up to him being nervous, and accepted when he asked me to come with him on an hour drive to a wine and beer supply shop (one of his his many fascinating hobbies is wine making) on Friday.

So Friday afternoon I showered, did my hair, picked out a cute but casual outfit and did a little bit of straightening (ie dishes out of the sink, clothes off the floor… I’m no Martha Stewart) in case he came in. I had an eye on the clock and when it was 4:30 and he’d told me the shop closes at 5:00, I knew I’d been stood up again! At 4:35 the phone rings and it’s him. He got hung up at work, he’s not permitted a cell phone at work, blah blah blah.

Do I have time for dinner? I find that I do not.

Am I busy this weekend? I find that I am.

Boys, let this be a lesson to you in GirlSpeak: if a girl doesn’t seem to have time for you, it’s not because she’s busy. You have Pissed. Her. Off.

Shape up, Geocacher!

~ Sex Kitten (with claws)


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