The Best First Date I Never Had

This Sunday I got invited to go geo-caching with a guy that I met online. For safety I always meet new men in public, so at 10:30 we had coffee and brunch at my favorite quirky little restaurant in town. It’s in an old house and the woman who owns it greets you like her long-lost children wearing a silly hat and brandishing a wand. She is cross-eyed which adds to the oddness, and she uses the wand to clear the “aura” at the table as she seats us. I love this first date because you can learn a lot about your date watching how he reacts to her. Geocacher passes the test with the perfect blend of appreciation for the humor of the situation and kindness. He compliments my choice of restaurant, doesn’t fuss over the slow service, relishes the food, and is animated, fascinating, engaged and funny in conversation. He’s got a great laugh and this killer smile, and I can tell he’s totally into me but holding back on really outrageous flirtation because I haven’t encouraged it. Yet.

I met him inside the restaurant (I was early), so I didn’t see how he arrived. We agree that we’ll leave me car here, and as we step outside he’s grinning like the Cheshire cat watching to see my reaction to his ride… it’s a motorcycle. He hands me a second helmet with one eyebrow raised. I grin back at him. I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, but he cleverly brought it up casually over brunch so he already knows that I want to. “Best way I could think of to get your arms around me on the first date” he says, and we’re off!

He’s got the GPS coordinates for the first stop on our geo-caching adventure. Once we arrive, we have to follow the directions to locate the cache (I’m not allowed to give specifics, geo-cachers are very secretive!). Then we are directed to the next spot. For the next three hours, we enjoy a pleasant mix of walking, talking, laughing, problem-solving, and traveling in perfect sunny fall weather. Our adventures take us off the beaten path, often to very secluded areas, but I feel totally comfortable with him by now. He drops me back at the restaurant with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, sets a second date for lunch later in the week, and follows up with a sweet text that evening thanking me for the day.

Perfect. Except it never happened. Bastard was sick and we didn’t go.

~ Sex Kitten (with claws)


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