I’m a dirty girl now

A handful of my girlfriends invited me to a Chippendales show at a local bar. Of course I’m accepting that invite! Bonus is that none of them are prudish types and generally can keep their mouth shut about a crazy night out.

It was a really impressive show of six tight, tanned, hard-bodies that any woman could enjoy and well worth the small cover charge. They each had their own themed routine and style but one really stood out from the rest for me — A super hot, clean-cut guy wearing a sexy cowboy hat. He could move his hips and shake his ass like no other. This man was all pro and did it with a smile. that made me melt.

My girlfriends chipped in and bought me the VIP dance at the end of the night. With Enrique Iglesias’ Tonight I’m Fuckin’ You blaring out the front of the stage I knew I wanted HIM to dance for me. My motivation was clear to him and I got a few other lap dances but he awarded me THREE! Those were some well-earned dollars I shoved down his crotch.

He came out to the bar after the show to talk to me … shirtless. He’s very sweet and left me with a hug and a kiss. He was so fucking beautiful! Somehow he randomly tempted me a bit later to follow him around the back of the building in the dark. We started kissing and his hand was down my pants in an instant – I could not keep my hands off him.

One thing led to another and we ended up in the wooded area behind the bar – in total darkness. I shit you not, my jeans and panties hit the ground in less than a second. He never struggled with the zipper or anything – he was clearly and expert – and very good with his hands. I grabbed a tree and we fucked doggie style. It was some seriously hot sex for a totally random sexual encounter. Too bad he was being beckoned from the parking lot by his coworkers – I could have done that all night long!

So here I am killing two birds with one stone … it’s my first one-night stand and I can check off fucking a Chippendale dancer off my sexual bucket list. I love this life.

I’m officially awarding myself the Bad Decision Tiara for this one but refuse to regret something that damn fun! I don’t know what this does to the whole dating game for me … that’s probably pretty intimidating for any future lovers to find out about. How do I say “Oh yeah I fucked a really hot stripper and don’t know a thing about him”. So what happened in that woods, stays in the woods.

~Globe Trotter in Lingerie


2 responses

  1. Well congrats on the one night stand success, about time 😛 Why can’t guys go to a strip show and get that kind of “aftershow”? sigh…… 🙂

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