The games we play

For a generally compassionate and empathetic person, I have a rather ugly competitive streak. I usually try to avoid situations that bring this out, because it’s a part of me that I’m not proud of and would rather not express. There was a competitive joking-at-one-another’s-expense dynamic in my extended family growing up, so I fall into this pattern easily because it’s so familiar. With Adam, this dynamic was present from our first date, when he made me a bet on a game of HORSE (a bet which I promptly lost on our second date, thereby starting a chain of events that earned me the Bad Decision Tiara for that weekend).

I’m attracted to Adam, and he brings out the positive facets of my competitive streak as well as the parts that I’m uncomfortable with. I’ve got a really high play drive for an adult, and a healthy appreciation for humor and fun. I also love active play dates, which he enjoys, too. So even though I know that we’re almost certainly not long-term material, I’d like to keep him around for a while. I can’t figure him out, which intrigues me. He’s been cooler towards me since we slept together, which provokes me. And he’s really good in bed, which, well… do I really need to spell it out?!

Sunday he had church and then work, and I was bored and too hot. I went swimming at the lake near his house, where he goes several times a week. We actually went on our second date there to cool off after my loss (but for the record, it was really close!) at HORSE. There is a line of buoys a distance off shore marking where the boats have the right of way. Last time we were here, Adam hadn’t wanted to swim out to one of the buoys, saying it was too far. So when I was there by myself on Sunday, I decided to leave him a message on a buoy. Actually, on two buoys.

The first one said, “Not this one, silly!” which hopefully would prompt him to swim for the next one, which said, “Must have washed off! LOL!” I used my eyeliner which wouldn’t come off immediately but also wouldn’t leave a permanent mark on the buoy. In the car on the way home, I texted Adam & told him I’d left him an important note on the buoy he was afraid to swim to.

The next day, my creativity was rewarded with a two word text: “You ASS.”

Ahh… the games we play. The next best thing to love is victory.

~ Sex Kitten (with claws)


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