The Bad Decision Tiara

Globe Trotter in Lingerie introduced me to the concept of The Bad Decision Tiara, which is exactly what it sounds like: a crown you are awarded to wear when you show exceptionally bad judgment. We actually have a real glittery silver tiara that we pass amongst our friends. I had the honor after last weekend, then our friend Fun Size earned it for doing Perfect Pussy shots then making out on a first date with an almost certain ONE DATE WONDER who is now texting her 20 times a day. Then GTiL earned it back last night, but I’ll let her decide if you get to hear about that one. Our tiara is very well traveled and well worn….

The aftermath of my BDT weekend, which will no doubt have an entry to itself, is that I woke up yesterday extremely happy to see that I’ve started my period. Yup, there are some months when that little bloodstain looks REALLY good. I’m cranky, hungry, achy, and short-tempered, but at least I’m not pregnant.

~ Sex Kitten (with claws)


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