Act your age if you want someone to take you seriously

I’ve had two dates with a rather boring Scientist. He’s tall, dark and attractive but really needs to get out of his hometown and experience life. He’s never been more than 100 miles from home and lives in the house he grew up in. You would think that at 39 he would have experienced more by now, but no, he hasn’t. I get the feeling he hasn’t dated much – if at all. He’s never been married and shakes nervously when he holds my hand. When I kissed him I though he might actually pee his pants. Ten bucks says he’s a Virgin.

I’ve been super busy with work, friends and more legitimate men so I’ve been blowing him off. I’ve been doing it the “kind” way and he left me a very nice voicemail today saying he’d like to chat. I returned his call and he was cordial and sweet – I told him about my work projects and he said he’s been VERY busy in his life lately – but when I inquired about the things he was doing there was no answer.

He asked when I could possibly see him next for a lunch date. Since I’m working during the week, I expressed that this had to happen on a weekend (which is 2 days away) and I was booked with a client for lunch Saturday, but I was open on Sunday.

He proceeded to tell me that this coming weekend was “short notice” and it would have to happen at least 3 days or more from now. Ummm, really?  Because Sunday really is 3 days away you fruitcake! How much fucking notice do you need for lunch?  I’m good with 15 minutes or so, enough to put on a nice lacy pair of panties, some mascara and find my keys. A lunch date is a lunch date!

I blew off the rest of the conversation by telling him I’d “pencil him in” two weekends from now. Fuck that. What a dumbass.

For men that want to play the dating game, have a plan of action. Make it happen. Make a decision and be spontaneous. It’s sexy as hell!

~ GTiL


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