Sending a woman flowers at work only makes coworkers jealous

My heart was really broken after my marriage. The only thing that could repair it was a charming prince – the Egyptian qualified.

He did things for  me that no one had ever done before. He bought me gifts of expensive jewelry, purses and clothes and he lavished me with his adoration. I regularly received flowers at work for “no reason” and he really made me see the materialistic side of love in true color. He had a six figure job, a great car, beautiful house in the suburbs and looked great “on paper”.

In the end, all the gifts in the world never made me love him back. He never cared about my hobbies, career, friends or family. I really lacked an emotional attachment to him. Sex was always initiated by me and I did all the work in bed – now I knew why men complained about that all the time! There is nothing more arousing for me than a man’s touch and he never seemed to understand that. It was just like the flowers he gave me – it died.

It was almost as if this man played the “Diva” role in the relationship. That was just too weird for me!

~ GTiL

Every instance of heartbreak can teach us powerful lessons about creating the kind of love we really want. ~ Martha Beck


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