This is the Life

The first time I was single was in the early 90s. I was naive, had no sexual experience and would probably be described as shy and introverted. I was coasting through life without a care in the world and didn’t have a clue what I was looking for in a man. If they bought me a drink, I’d talk to them for hours and always had to know if they were kissable. I had an average sex life for a young woman and could count my partners on one hand prior to my marriage at 24.

I got the ring, lived the life, crashed-and-burned at married life and here we are again. Living single – but loving it – the second time around.

At first I panicked and could not believe I had to do the dating thing again. But it should be easy the second time around, right? Yeah, not so much. I tried an online dating service and met a great guy right out of the chute. He was a charming, professional the same age as me and he was more exotic than my previous attempts – he was Egyptian. This was my first experience with a completely different way of life, religion and philosophy towards Americans. I was hooked and he was amazing.

My friends now joke with me that I’m “making my way across the globe via the bedroom.” That’s a little exaggerated but I sure am having fun meeting so many men! This blog will entertain and keep you up to speed on my Globe-Trotting-in-Lingerie.

~ GTiL


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